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Collections in Louisiana

Our firm provides cost-effective and professional legal representation that ensures our clients receive the money they are owed in a timely fashion.  Our collections attorneys diligently and aggressively pursue consumer and retail debt collections matters on behalf of many creditors including banks, credit unions, finance companies, credit card companies, and landlords.  We routinely collect and file suit for delinquent credit cards, personal loans, auto loans, boat loans, payday loans, lines of credit, over-drafted bank accounts, and past due rent, just to name a few.  We pride ourselves on being fair with debtors, but we will take a hard stance when needed. 


We handle all aspects of obtaining judgments with efficiency.  This begins with sending a demand letter, filing suit, and obtaining service of process.  If a debtor is dodging service, we have several resources for skip-tracing and work with trusted private process servers.  

Once served, the debtor has a set time period to file an answer or responsive pleadings.  If no answer is filed, we will promptly file a “default judgment.”  If an answer is filed but it does not deny the debt, then a “judgment on the pleadings” is appropriate.  Neither of these options require a hearing.  If an answer denies the debt, then we may file a “summary judgment” if there are no genuine issues of material fact or set the matter for a “trial on the merits” if there are issues.  Each of these options do require hearings.  A “consent judgment” is also available if a debtor admits they owe the debt and are interested in entering a payment plan.  

We pride ourselves on efficiently and timely obtaining judgments on behalf of our clients.

Post-Judgment Enforcement

A substantial component of creditors’ rights litigation is post-judgment execution.  In many cases, being awarded a judgment is quick and easy.  The challenge is often enforcing the judgment.  Our collections attorneys are highly experienced in post-judgment executions and proceedings to enforce money judgments.  It’s important to note that judgments cannot be enforced immediately though.  The suspensive appeal delays must first toll.  While we wait, we record all judgments in the parishes (counties) where we are able to identify that immovable property is owned as well as the debtor’s parish of residence.  The recordation in the mortgage records acts as a judicial mortgage that must be paid if property is sold.

Once the appeal delays have elapsed, we have many options to judicially collect, including judgment debtor rules to obtain financial information, contempt proceedings, wage garnishments, bank garnishments, writs of seizure, and motions to enforce against community property.  Our attorneys and staff are highly experienced at locating assets on behalf of our clients, and frequently employ technology and other clever tactics to identify assets or employment information.  Of course, when all else fails a persuasive letter or phone call is often all it takes to convince a debtor to pay the obligation that they rightfully owe.

The creditors’ rights lawyers at BowesPetkovich & Palmer, LLC are experienced at representing many lending institutions, both big and small, at collecting their delinquent consumer accounts in the New Orleans area and across Louisiana.  Call us today for a free consultation.

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