Ordinarily, courts issue orders regarding custody after hearing evidence at a trial.  However, most family law practitioners know of and have utilized the ex parte emergency order of temporary custody.  In emergency situations a parent may file a petition asking for temporary custody, and a court may issue an ex parte order awarding emergency temporary custody prior to a formal hearing.  It is an effective tool if the procedural requirements are followed closely and used only in instances of exigent circumstances. Immediate and irreparable harm under La. Code of Civil Procedure: La. Code Civ. Proc. art. 3945 sets forth the

The philosophy of our firm is to offer people an alternative, when possible, to the traditional litigation model of dispute resolution. The key issue is not who is right or wrong, but how can the issues presented (often caused by an inability to effectively communicate and financial stress) be reconciled by the parties themselves under the guidance of certified professionals through the Collaborative Law process or via Mediation. In our opinion, the obligation of a family lawyer is to facilitate the settlement of conflict and to carefully evaluate the responsibility of each party to bring the subject matter to an

One in two marriages ends in divorce. Given those odds, it’s easy to think of marriage as a gamble. However, by taking a few basic steps, you can raise your odds considerably. Here are four ways to make sure your marriage can weather any storm. 1.  Have fun together The number one difference between couples that stay together and couples that split up is how much fun they have together. It may sound obvious, but as responsibilities mount, it can be easy to view your spouse as more of a business partner than a life partner. Find fun things to

Men pride themselves on feeling powerful, competent, and effective in their world. They receive a sense of fulfillment in feeling successful and doing well. Men take great pride in being independent and self-sufficient.  Then, they fall in love. They allow themselves to be vulnerable to another, they get close and sometimes they end up getting hurt and their hearts get broken. Surprisingly, men generally are the first to fall in love and the last to fall out of it. Men have more difficulty handling their emotions than women because they have been trained to be independent so they develop fewer skills

In a divorce or other relating family law matter, your options are as follows: Hire an attorney to litigate; Hire a team of certified collaborative practice professionals; or Mediate. Regrettably, it is difficult and often expensive to resolve any family law dispute (divorce, custody, child support, partition of community property) in court, or even using the collaborative law process. In an adversarial traditional litigation case, the lawyers jockey for control and the courts often don’t want to spend the necessary time to discover the specifics of what the parties actually need to resolve their dispute. As we mentioned in “Collaborative

The Collaborative Approach to Resolving Family Law Issues Collaborative law is an innovative way to resolve conflict by removing the disputed matter from the litigious courtroom setting to a “troubleshoot and problem solve“ process with the use of collaborative professionals, rather than to fight and win.  As part of the collaborative process, both parties retain separate attorneys to help them settle their dispute. No one may go to court. If that should occur, the collaborative law process terminates and both lawyers are disqualified from any further involvement in the case.  Each party in the collaborative law process signs a contractual agreement, which